Can I restrict shipping orders to states with which I hold shipping licenses?

Yes. Under Commerce -> Fulfillment -> Compliance, begin by setting up your local tax rate in Vincipia. Select from the list the state(s) in which you are located; click the Onsite Compliant box and enter the tax rate (Do Not Put a % sign; only numbers and decimals). If you also ship within that state, click the Offsite Compliant checkbox. Hit Save.


Repeat the steps above choosing all the states you ship to, checking the Offsite Compliant box, entering the tax rate, and hitting Save. Now the Vincipia system will process all pickup orders for states checked Onsite Compliant, and shipping orders to those states marked Offsite Compliant. This will also restrict online orders to only those states checked Offsite Compliant. When customers attempt to checkout choosing a state not currently available, a message appears stating Sorry, we currently do not ship to STATE NAME, and will be unable to move forward to the next screen.


For ShipCompliant customers, complete your live integration under Integrations. Follow the steps above. But, on all club and eCommerce orders, ShipCompliant will automatically apply to-the-penny tax rates.