Club member or members don't show in membership list

An active club member isn't showing in the members list for a club, but is showing in the Square POS

This can be the result of several situations, however is most likely the result of merging profiles manually or using the Resolve Duplicates functionality found in the Square customer portal.

No data is lost as a result of this situation happening. The two systems profiles just need to be re-linked.

We don't recommend using the merge functionality but if you have to please do one member at a time and verify that the member is still listed in the Vincipia system.

To re-link the Square customer profile to the Club Member:

  1. Go to Marketing, and select Customers.

  2. Select Active.

  3. Search for each missing member using the search bar.

  4. Select the member to re-link.

  5. Click the Import Button.
  6. Select the club you wish to re-link the customer to
  7. Click Import