UPS and FedEx Shippo Errors

When processing a shipment with Shippo an order is skipped because of a Shippo error

Shippo requires certain parameters for the accounts that they provide.  While they offer an integrated UPS account, in order to ship Alcohol you have to connect your own Business UPS account with Alcohol shipping allowed. 

FedEx follows the same requirements in that an account with Alcohol shipping allowed must be created and connected to Shippo in order to use their services. 

If you get an error from Shippo stating an issue with UPS and you had selected FedEx, this is likely due to a couple possibilities:

  1. You haven't connected your Business FedEx account with Alcohol Shipping allowed to Shippo yet
  2. Several errors were returned when attempting to create the Shippo Shipment and UPS was the first one returned.

One of the main reasons for an error such as this is that the configuration of package size and weight does not conform to any of the FedEx services that are available.  If this error is returned, please use the FedEx Rate Finder to ensure your package conforms to the service you are looking to use before running the order.